Laundry Equipment

We offer a complete solution with the purchase of each laundry device, ie we will bring the machine to you, install and set it up, teach you how to use it. If necessary, we will maintain and repair. Our product range includes dry cleaning machines (perchlorethylene and multi-solvent), industrial washing machines, tumble dryers, ironing calenders, finishing and ironing equipment, packaging machines.

Laundry Equipment

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The semi-professional washer GH6 is the ideal solution for anyone who needs professional quality, without having a considerable quantity of laundry to be treated: hair salons, wellness centers, sport clubs, campgrounds, pizzerias and restaurants, and small hotels. 

No trouble finishing complicated garments with hot air. Original Fabric Quality Maintained. Keep original touch of fabric thanks to hot air finishing. Wrinkle-free Body and Sleeves Finishing. Adjustable sleeve arm angle and body extension function reduce wrinkles. High Productivity with Easy Operation. Even novice person can finish garments with ease.

Professional solution for MSEs

The tower system GHD10 was developed to offer an effective solution for small and micro businesses, that need professional efficiency although they haven't much space available. The GHD10 SmallPRO washing machine + dryer is our winning solution able to ensure professional performance in a very limited space.

GH10 OPL is a high-spin washing machine, part of SmallPro line, developed to meet the requirements of the MSEs (micro and small businesses). It can ensure a professional treatment of laundry, without compromise. SmallPRO line, indeed, was created specifically to provide the right balance between professional results and small size, suitable for small spaces, proper of this type of companies.

Optimised drying process for laundry

GDR201 dryer is a small appliance with a technological soul, able to meet the requirements of the MSEs (micro and small enterprises) such as bed and breakfasts, gyms or veterinary clinics. This machine offer the advantages of professional drying treatment enclosed in an tiny size

■World Standard of Finishing Quality Second-to-none quality finishing by industry innovator

■High Productivity with Power Up to 60 quality finishing per hour by 1 person

■Versatile Body with Side Expanders . For wide variety of shirts - from Small to XXXL

■Sleeve Arms Up/Down Function Great for any type of shirt design – European or American 

World Standard of Finishing Quality - Second-to-none quality finishing by industry innovator

High Productivity with Power - Up to 130 quality finishing per hour by 2 persons

Soft Tensioning Sleeve Arms - For Wrinkle-free finishing of shirt sleeves

Versatile Body with Side Expanders - For wide variety of shirts - from Small to XXXL 

The new iLine series of dry cleaning machines sets a new standard in the range of products BÖWE Textile Cleaning can offer tocustomers worldwide. This new range combines and shares the same technology used in the well-known PremiumLine but taking into account the cost effective level these machines fit in without making compromises.

High speed centrifugal washer with WAVY control and standard MWS system! Wavy electronic control: a simple, modern and interactive interface. It allows to manage various levels of users access, which can be configured for example as follows:

• “Wash & go” user in various access configurations;

• Basic user;

• Intermediate user;

• Professional user;

• Technical user.

Conveyor belt is carried out with a double outline hving an U shape, in order to grant the higest sturdiess and safety. It is enameled with epoxy powders which give elegance to the product and assuring the life during the time of its shine. Conveyor belt can be supplied on request in CONTINUOUS or COMPARTMENTS model with a lever drive that allows the two-way of march. 

This machine is used to envelope in small packs: sweter, T-shirt, pullover, etc. protecting them from the powder. Having reduced sizes, it can be placed on a table or on a trolley that can be supplied on demand. The machine is equipped a loader of 600 mm and N. 01 porta rolls from to position the wall. Optional: loader 450 mm.

Packing machine been born on experience of the mod. IM095MT improved because it works using a continuos roll without the discomfort of the loading of the gulotta. It' s very comfortable to package shirt, pulover, felpe, sheet etc. 

This new model of manual table packing machine Mod. NIB in differenttypes of laboratories. Realizing packages of with height until to max 500mm, welding from max 700x700mm use exclusively spools nylon from minimum to max L. 750mm model monofolding.

The 6th Generation

Great Technology - Compact and Quiet

Your Building Says: It Should be Compact!
Your Conscience Says: It Should be Environmentally Friendly!
Your Demands Say: It Should be Reliable!
BÖWE’S PremiumLine is the answer for you

■High Power Blower Motor - Quality finishing results and time saving

■Body Up and Down Function - For wide variety of garment - from jackets to coats

■Soft Tensioning Body - Ideal finishing results avoiding overstretching

■Ergonomic Design - Operator-friendly design like easy-to-use panel display