Multi Clean 750ml

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Multi-surface detergent with "Note di Pulito" perfume

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  • Spray Multi Clean on all kinds of surfaces!
  • The professional effectiveness and the antistatic action of this special spray detergent will allow you to clean and capture dust at the same time!
  • It dries quickly and does not leave any stains!

Effective on glass, mirrors, lamps, wardrobes, shelves, etcetera…

Multi Clean combines 4 functions in a single product:

  • Detergent for glass and mirrors
  • Detergent for home surfaces (tables, wardrobes, shelves etc...)
  • Dust-capturing Spray
  • It perfumes the room while it cleans


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Neutral professional DeoDetergent for floors and hard surfaces

High active concentration for an extra degreasing effect
Neutral pH, compatible with all types of floor
Intense and long lasting fragrances
(White Musk, Oro & Argan, Passion Fruit, Viola Sensation)
Doesn't need rinsing
Just 2 caps to have a long lasting clean and fragrance


Ultra-concentrated gel detergent with anti-odour action for hand dishwashing.
High concentration of the active ingredient for a super degreasing effect.
Physiological pH, compatible also with sensitive skin.
Enzymatic, to remove even the most difficult encrustations.
Anti-odour action.
With lanolin, to protect the hands.
A tea spoon is sufficient.


The product has a wide range of bactericidal and fungicidal effects, destroys Gram-positive and Gram-negative bacteria (including the causative agent of tuberculosis), viruses (coronavirus, HBV, HIV, Rota, Adeno, HCV, MRSA, Herpes simplex). The skin protection components soothe the skin and help to quickly restore the skin's normal microflora, moisture balance and protective functions.