We have the concept, laundry equipment and expertise to design and build a fully automatic self-service laundromat for you. If desired, we can offer a "turnkey" package. We use innovative industrial washing machines and tumble dryers from the Italian manufacturer Grandimpianti, which are compatible via Wifi network and can be checked remotely or receive information about use. These innovative and smart laundry appliances consume water, detergents, energy based on the amount of laundry loaded in the machine. In addition, we can offer various ironing equipment such as calender straight laundry or ironing board for clothes.

Kaupleja OÜ and Grandimpianti call on you to follow and promote the principles of the green economy by reducing your ecological footprint, in addition to the aspect of environmental sustainability, the return on your investment is significantly faster.

The laundry devices are compatible with a central payment solution (one device in the laundry) or with a separate coin counter on each device. The central payment solution offers the possibility to offer other payment options in addition to coins, such as card payments and cash. In addition, it prints a check or issues a customer or prepaid card. In the case of card payments, you must enter into an agreement with a bank, which issues a card payment terminal through its cooperation partner and interfaces it with the payment solution.

We compile washing programs suitable for the equipment, supply you with detergents and the substances are dosed into the washing machine automatically based on the selected washing program, ie your customer's task is only to put things in the machine, pay for the service and take them out later.