Antiacidin - Acid Neutraliser 5kg

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ANTIACIDIN is an acid power neutraliser and solvent preservative. By neutralising the build up of hydrochloric acid it prevents corrosion of the machine and reduces bacterial build up in the machine that leads to production of unpleasant odours.


It is ideal to preserve solvent above all into the new close circuit systems in which a low consumption of perc leads to a high exploitation.

It avoids the development of bad odours during the distillation.

It prevents the corrosion of more delicate parts of dry cleaning machine.

It doesn't create problems into the separator and water contacts depuration systems, on the contrary it keeps water into an excellent acidity gap in order to not compromise the depuration device working.    




With normal use put 10gr of ANTIACIDIN per each Kg of loading capacity of the dry cleaning machine into the distillation unit.

ANTIACIDIN can be added  also with the filtering powder in order to treat the solvent, not only during the distillation but during all wash processes as well.

ANTIACIDIN should be put into the distillation unit during every cleaning.

The ANTIACIDIN effect lasts for about 15 distillations into the machines that work with continuous distillation.



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