Degreasing detergent Hygienfresh® Oil Remover

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Degreasing detergent with very high cleaning power. Suitable for work overalls or heavily soiled garments.


High degreasing power
Already active at 40°C
Reduced washing times
Suitable for every types of water hardness
Phosphate free
With “ControlFoam” additive


Method of use: HygienFresh® Oil Remover can be used with cotton and synthetic textiles, for machine washing only.


Technical features:

pH @ 1% = 9,0 – 10,0

Density @ 20°C = 1,000 - 1,050g/ml



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Ultra-concentrated gel detergent with anti-odour action for hand dishwashing.
High concentration of the active ingredient for a super degreasing effect.
Physiological pH, compatible also with sensitive skin.
Enzymatic, to remove even the most difficult encrustations.
Anti-odour action.
With lanolin, to protect the hands.
A tea spoon is sufficient.


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