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HYGIENFRESH® OXON is the safe and complete additive. It has several functions: Bleach, stain remover, hygieniser and pre-treatment. It is very efficient at removing difficult stains and thanks to its special formula it has the power to hygienise garments at 30°C.


➢ Efficiently eliminates difficult stains.
➢ Active bleach at cold temperatures (20-30°C). It guarantees an excellent white degree.
➢ Revives colours.
➢ Hygienises even at low temperatures (20-30°C)
➢ Does not damage fibres.
➢ Can be used as pre-spotter as well. Very efficient on mould stains.

Method of use: Hygienfresh OxOn can be used on both natural and synthetic garments.

If used as pretreatment, apply the product directly to the stain and then wash the garment.


Technical features
Colour = White-milky liquid
pH = 3,3 – 4
Density at 20°C = 1,000 – 1,100 g/ml



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