Rigid washing machine GWM 11kg G4-Wiz

Medium and low spin washing machine

The washing medium and low centrifugation GWM and GWN-WIZ® G4 are constituted by a monobloc chassis is not subject to movement or deterioration: wear and mechanical stress are reduced to a minimum thanks to a speed of lower centrifuge (200 G and 100 G ) and in the presence of a rigid and non-deformable frame instead of springs and shock absorbers. This translates into longer life, limited maintenance costs and low noise impact.

Eco-friendly washing machines

In the GWM and GWN washing machines there is, as standard, the patented DWS precision weighing system which, through the G4-WIZ® control, calculates the exact amount of energy, water and detergents required based on the actual quantity of laundry loaded. In this way, the equipment adapts with extreme precision to any minimum load variation.

The semi-professional washing machines with medium and low spin GWM and GWN G4-WIZ® , in addition to being with low energy consumption, are also eco-friendly since they guarantee 97% machine recyclability . The equipment has a low environmental impact not only during its "life cycle", but also when you decide to change it.

Washing machine with frames designed to last

The GWM and GWN G4-WIZ® semi-professional washing machines are produced in six load capacities (3 + 3) from 8 kg to 28 kg : high efficiency, ease of use, energy saving and low environmental impact are always guaranteed. The appliances are also equipped with a steel basket with a special hemispherical structure that ensures a delicate touch on the fabrics and prevents the water from bouncing out of the basket during the spin phase. Featuring a rigid frame, solid and sturdy, these machines do not require springs or shock absorbers because only the basket moves. This means a reduction in wear and a lower need for maintenance, as well as excellent silence. Finally, thanks to the anchoring to the ground, these rigid washing machines are perfect for use on board ships, ferries and small and medium-sized cargo.

Effective cleansing is simple

Ergonomically positioned and equipped with a double inlet for cold or hot water, the 4-compartment dispenser can be used with both powder and liquid detergent: the correct water flow according to the set washing temperature is always ensured. Since each washing phase requires a specific type of water, the washing machine has three inputs : hot, soft cold and hard water. All the models mix the three types independently and automatically.

Present in all Grandimpianti models, the MIXER mixes water and detergents before they enter the drum and in contact with the clothes, thus avoiding damage or discoloration. Finally, the motorized drain valve with a 3 "diameter (76 mm) is positioned on the front of the equipment, for easy and quick maintenance, and directly under the tank, avoiding the need to install a long and bulky connection pipe: no risk storage of water and detergents.

Security is not optional

These appliances, like all our washing machines, have double safety systems and redundant alarm circuits, like on airplanes, including the door lock , which is equipped with a safety system that keeps it closed and locked until it stops completely. rotation of the basket. Inside the washing machines, all the control circuits are low voltage (24Vac): no problems due to any voltage fluctuations (the electrical network is different) and no risk of electric shock in case of maintenance. Finally, all our machines are equipped with a main switch and fuses on board the machine with a considerable saving of time and money in the installation phase.

Effective and essential control

The control system here is  G4-Wiz®  which allows you to easily configure all the washing phases directly from the display, in an easy and intuitive way. The system manages the motor, optimizes dosages, balances the load in the basket, predicts maintenance times, manages the payment system and stores the data. And to interact with G4-Wiz® just a finger.


Data sheet

Ratio capacity
Loading capacity kg
Drum volume dm3
Drum speed washing / Spinning
20-60 / 760
Noise dB
Door size (diameter mm)
Number of programs
Width mm
Depth mm
Height mm
Weight kg
Detergent signals pcs
Water inlets pcs
Inlet diameter
Drain inches
Heating type
electric / steam
Motor power kW
Fuses - Amps
Heating power kW
Steam connection inch
Steam pressure Bar
Water consumption (Tot 60C L)

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