Automatic Dispencer DeoMatic

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Battery-operated automatic spray dispenser with adjustable interval for 250 ml DeoMatic HygienFresh sprays. Personalise and perfume your home, always creating the perfect freshness everywhere!

  • PRACTICAL AND EASY TO USE to leave a pleasant perfume everywhere
  • ADJUSTABLE frequency of activation (9-18-36 min) 

*Refills and diffusers are sold separately.



1) To open the unit, push the central button on top and pull open the front.
2) Make sure that the switch is in the “Off” position and insert batteries in the correct orientation, as indicated.
3) Before inserting the spray refill, check that the internal mechanism is in the up position otherwise it will be not possible to insert the refill correctly. If not, use a pen/pencil to push up, then insert the refill with the spray nozzle pointing outwards.
4) Set the timer according how often you would like the fragrance (9-18-36 mins). A flashing light indicates that the device is in operation. Close the device. After activating the appliance, it will emit the burst of HygienFresh fragrance after 15 seconds. For an instant burst of HygienFresh fragrance press the boost button on the front of the device.


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Automatic air freshener enriched with innovative OdorBlok technology. Three different fragrances are available.

It must be used in a DeoMatic machine: thanks to the adjustable operating interval dispenser, the rooms are always fresh, scented and free of unpleasant odors.

Intense and long-lasting aroma

* Fillers and diffusers are sold separately.

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