Spotty Jet stain removal cabinet

The economical and ecological solution to all problems concerning pre- treatment and spotting. Designed for professional dry-cleaners, groups together in the same machine both a spotting cabinet and a spotting table.

Entirely built out of stainless steel;

Pre-spotting working area 100x50cm large, with illumination and suction grids;

Pivoting spotting arm, with suction;

Delivered complete with a cold spotting gun and a pre-spotting gun with 5 litres soap tank.

Main options:

Boiler and steam / air gun for hot spotting. The boiler is conveniently mounted on a tray that slides out of the machine body for refill and maintenance;

Drying gun;

Active carbon filter;



Data sheet

Width mm
Depth mm
Height mm
Weight kg
Drain inches
Motor power kW
Heating power kW
Power supply
230-240V 3~50/60Hz
Compressed air pressure bar
Compressed air consumption nl/min
Boiler capacity L

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