Tunnel washer Senking Universal

Tuned to perfection: The versatile tunnel washer that reuses energy and water internally

  • Tuned to perfection - Higher efficiency, productivity and wash quality thanks to QuickSoak, EcoSafeguard and EcoTune
  • Excellent wash and rinse results by processing the linen in separate compartments
  • The improved geometry of the patented Archimedian helix makes efficient use of the drum diameter and enables high drop curves for outstanding wash action

Best washing performance

  • Higher mechanical action thanks to higher drop curve
  • Full batch integrity of linen and liquor thanks to Archimedian helix (pat.)
  • Hygienic drain design with self-cleaning effect
  • Best lint removal by efficient foam overflows

Most reliable operational safety

  • The drum geometry and the design of the reclaim tanks are adjusted to the high polluting load and prevent an additional sedimentation of solids in the mats (sand, chips, etc.).
  • As there are no rough edges, there is an immense high self-cleaning effect which saves time and money.
  •  State-of-the-art control system with compound redundancy

Highest efficiency and sustainability

  • The wash beaters are adapted and customized for the necessity of having a high wash mechanics: Four high wash beaters increase the drop curve for an utmost of mechanical action.
  • Lowest water consumption thanks to patented rinse process for quickest dilution and outstanding recovery concept
  • Water and chemical supply is based on actual batch weights
  • Unique steam supply into the drum to save energy and time
  • Smart drum design combines less weight with more stability

Easy and low maintenance

  • Drain valves with quick release fasteners
  • Automatic chain lubrication with grease level monitoring
  • Control system with maintenance and service mode for highest operator convenience



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