Towel folding machine ALPHA T5

Fully automatic folding, sorting and stacking of towels

Automated and fast

  • Automatic measuring of towel size
  • Each of the 99 fold programs can have 3 individual sizes
  •  Lateral fold is performed by mechanical folding blades, guaranteeing fast folding and a unique stretching effect to the linen

High quality

  • Flexibility of cross fold section prevents items from jamming
  • Perfect & flexible folding: can perform 1 or 2 cross folds as a half fold or one French fold
  • Lateral fold is performed by mechanical folding blades for a unique stretching effect to the linen, a proven advantage especially for heavily used towels

Best Value

  • High quality, high value for money solution for customers who need dependable laundry machinery that can simply get the job done
  • The best JENSEN designs, mastered by JENSEN CHINA’s production facility
  • A durable and dependable machine with all the basic functions you need to achieve financial and operational goals, maximizing your value for money



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Available with electric or gas heating, the flatwork drying ironers C140-160-200/32 are large capacity equipment, with laundry conveying strips of introduction/extraction of linen (to help the user), which play a double and simultaneous action of ironing and drying. The perfect quality is assured by the NOMEX® belts winding on nearly the whole roller surface.

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The new iLine series of dry cleaning machines sets a new standard in the range of products BÖWE Textile Cleaning can offer tocustomers worldwide. This new range combines and shares the same technology used in the well-known PremiumLine but taking into account the cost effective level these machines fit in without making compromises.

The 6th Generation

Great Technology - Compact and Quiet

Your Building Says: It Should be Compact!
Your Conscience Says: It Should be Environmentally Friendly!
Your Demands Say: It Should be Reliable!
BÖWE’S PremiumLine is the answer for you