Discover the benefits of ozone washing in a coronavirus emergency!

Ozone - natural gas and one of nature's main oxidizing agents - becomes pure oxygen when in contact with water and acts to break down organic matter. In particular, in the case of viruses, it acts directly on the coating of the lipid membrane and renders them inactive.

As it is a rather unstable molecule, it cannot be stored or added in tablet form, for example, ie it must be produced during use. Thus, to convert three O2 atoms to two O3 atoms, the generator needs oxygen and electrical emissions to generate ozone for the wash cycle (usually 6 ÷ 8 minutes).

Ozone is a powerful disinfectant that is completely ecological and natural, offering other benefits in addition to disinfection:

  • It works on viruses, bacteria, fungi, molds and spores;
  • it is effective at low temperatures;
  • this allows the use of fewer chemicals: the oxidizing effect "consumes" stains (even if it does not completely remove them);
  • it avoids the use of detergent, thanks to its ozone-depleting function (especially when ozone is used in the rinse cycle) and facilitates the drying phase
  • as it is simple oxygen at the end of the process, it does not emit hazardous waste to the sewer

However, this washing system also has some features:

  • To remove stains and wash it is necessary to use chemical detergents, natural and enzyme-based detergents, the active ingredient of ozone unfortunately neutralizes.
  • If natural or enzyme-based detergents are used in the washing process, the ozone disinfection process should be left in the rinsing cycle phase.
  • In the case of colored garments, especially natural pigments, the colors may become brighter or disappear. To overcome this shortcoming, only add ozone on the last rinse (for at least 4 minutes).

Our washing machines are ozone ready

  • Washing with water and ozone is therefore a very powerful method against Covid-19 (and not only), ensuring maximum hygiene and cleanliness of the laundry. The ozone process is natural and ecological because it requires fewer chemicals and lower operating temperatures compared to other methods.
  • These qualities are completely in line with our vision. Therefore, we are pleased to remind you that our washing machines GWH, GWM, GWN are all ozone-ready, so they can be equipped with an ozone dosing system and easily connected to a generator or ozonated water supply systems.

Short description of the process:

  • Ozone is introduced directly into the washing machine via a special stainless steel injector
  • The power can be adjusted from 4g / h to 10g / h thanks to the adjustment valve
  • At maximum capacity, it can disinfect up to 30 kg of laundry, keeping the length of the normal washing process. By extending the contact time (ozone production and washing process beyond the standard), even larger quantities can be disinfected.
  • Ozone can be introduced into the washing machine during each wash cycle
  • The maximum temperature allowed during the washing step is 35 ° C: if this value is exceeded, ozone loses its disinfecting capacity
  • The generator weighs about 15 kg and has a small capacity (like a small bag), which makes installation easy and fast
  • The ozone generator is activated in the washing machine control system like a conventional detergent dispenser


Data sheet

Weight kg
Power supply
230-240V 3~50/60Hz
Machine size
275 x 270 x 392
Production capacity g/h
Ozone flow L/min
0,5 ~ 3
Ozone concentration %
90% ±3 %

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