Original Bostitch Stapler B8P

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Original Bostich Stapler B8P is one of the most reliable stapling pliers on the market. The Bostitch B8P is perfect for bag sealing, tagging or any stapling. All steel construction and precision engineering combine to produce an quality durable product. 


This stapler features 'cam action leverage' for strong penetrating power which gives more power with less force. The Anti Jam "breathing magazine" expands to let staples pass through before they jam. Can be used with either 6mm or 10mm Bostich staples.


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Original Bostitch staples 10mm for optimum performance in the Bostitch B8P stapler finely honed chisel points for maximum penetration made from superior quality high carbon steel wire that reduces buckling and jamming – 5000 staples each box.