Hygienfresh® Oxon - Active Foam 750ml

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Professional pre-spotting agent with a special active foam formula, which releases active oxygen and surfactants.

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Ideal on oxidisable stains, grease, grass, wine, tomato, coffee, etc.

• Wide action range on stains

• Active foam which releases oxygen

• High concentration of surfactants for a high degreasing action

• Active also on dry stains

• Delicate on colours and fibres

• It doesn’t leave halos and it is neutral on colours

• Ideal for any kind of garment

How To Use:

Hygienfresh® Oxon pre-treating foam is used pure on dirty parties of the garment, before washing it. We recommend to spray the

product and leave the foam act for maximum 5 minutes and then wash.

Warning: On coloured garments and/or delicate garments test the product on a hidden part. Do not spray on metallic parts and do

not expose treated garment to direct sunlight or to heat sources before washing it.




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Neutral professional DeoDetergent for floors and hard surfaces

High active concentration for an extra degreasing effect
Neutral pH, compatible with all types of floor
Intense and long lasting fragrances
(White Musk, Oro & Argan, Passion Fruit, Viola Sensation)
Doesn't need rinsing
Just 2 caps to have a long lasting clean and fragrance

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This liquid dye is suitable for dyeing cotton, linen, silk, viscose and denim. Other, less commonly used fabrics can be dyed with Coloreria Italiana Cotone, Lino, Viscosa: please read the “Dyeable Fabrics” section.

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Spray 4 in 1, hygienizing, hypo-allergenic ● It avoids and prevents possible allergic reactions, Hypo-allergenic tested by the ISPE Institute ● “Nickel Tested” product, Certified by the University of Turin. ● Excellent hygienizing effect. ● Odour Control Technology against odours. ● CFC free, to respect the environment. ● Refreshing Aloe fragrance

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Laundry detergent with specific odour killer action. It is effective against all kind of odours, even the most persistent ones. It sanitizes laundry without damaging garments and releasing a fresh laundry fragrance. It is ideal for daily laundry, Pet Wash, Sport Wash, nursing homes and when there is a problem of bad odours.

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Ultra-concentrated gel detergent with anti-odour action for hand dishwashing.
High concentration of the active ingredient for a super degreasing effect.
Physiological pH, compatible also with sensitive skin.
Enzymatic, to remove even the most difficult encrustations.
Anti-odour action.
With lanolin, to protect the hands.
A tea spoon is sufficient.