Clothes conveyor

Conveyor belt is carried out with a double outline hving an U shape, in order to grant the higest sturdiess and safety. It is enameled with epoxy powders which give elegance to the product and assuring the life during the time of its shine. Conveyor belt can be supplied on request in CONTINUOUS or COMPARTMENTS model with a lever drive that allows the two-way of march. 

Ascent conveyor belts are carried out in all kind of shape and heights to satisfy all customers needs and the spaces available in the room, with or without supporting frameworks by some trusses put on walls obtain a structure completely hanging in air in order to grant to the customer the best works condition. Ask for a offer


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This machine is used to envelope in small packs: sweter, T-shirt, pullover, etc. protecting them from the powder. Having reduced sizes, it can be placed on a table or on a trolley that can be supplied on demand. The machine is equipped a loader of 600 mm and N. 01 porta rolls from to position the wall. Optional: loader 450 mm.

Packing machine been born on experience of the mod. IM095MT improved because it works using a continuos roll without the discomfort of the loading of the gulotta. It' s very comfortable to package shirt, pulover, felpe, sheet etc. 

This new model of manual table packing machine Mod. NIB in differenttypes of laboratories. Realizing packages of with height until to max 500mm, welding from max 700x700mm use exclusively spools nylon from minimum to max L. 750mm model monofolding.