Jensen Classic

Fast, simple and reliable high-speed combination folder



  • High-speed folder using the fast and well-proven air-blast technique.

Simple and reliable

  • Simple and reliable high-speed folder performing the lateral folds folds by air blast.

Versatile folder

  • Can be configured to meet the requirements within the healthcare sector as well as the hospitality sector.
  • Large selection of cross fold sections according to requirements.
  • High quality ensured by guiding the linen between sandwich belts through the lateral folding section.
  • Performs up to 3 lateral folds and up to 3 cross folds depending on model and options.
  • Available for 1 lane, 1&2 lanes and 1&3 lane operation

Maximum production

  • Minimum human intervention required thanks to automatic adjustment of folding parameters according to customer, article, and category.



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The new iLine series of dry cleaning machines sets a new standard in the range of products BÖWE Textile Cleaning can offer tocustomers worldwide. This new range combines and shares the same technology used in the well-known PremiumLine but taking into account the cost effective level these machines fit in without making compromises.

*Silityspinnan korkeuden säätö 80-100 cm.

*Saatavana käytettäväksi osoittamalla oikealle tai vasemmalle.

*Itsenäinen tyhjiön ja puhalluksen säätö.

*Pintalämmityselementti erillisellä kytkimellä.


*Valaistusryhmä rautatuella tai ilman.

*Tyhjiö- ja puhallusholkki.

*Kääntyvä rautatuki käytettäväksi oikealle osoittaen.

■World Standard of Finishing Quality Second-to-none quality finishing by industry innovator

■High Productivity with Power Up to 60 quality finishing per hour by 1 person

■Versatile Body with Side Expanders . For wide variety of shirts - from Small to XXXL

■Sleeve Arms Up/Down Function Great for any type of shirt design – European or American