Spotting agent Hygienfresh® PreZym

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Professional laundry pretreatment with triple action.
Ideal for protein, oil, fat, grass stains etc.


➢ Active against a wide range of stains: Coffee, blood, grass, oil, food
stains and much more...
➢ Triple action spotting agent
➢ Super concentrated surfactants and super degreasing
➢ Easy and quick to use
➢ Ideal for collars and cuffs
➢ It doesn't lave halos and it is neutral on colours
➢ Ideal for all kind of garments (avoid long contacts with silk and wool due to protein enzymes)

Method of use:
Hygienfresh® Prezym is used pure, spraying it onto dirty parts of garments,
before washing.
We suggest to leave product act for ten minutes and then wash
Ideal on collars, cuffs and very dirty parts.




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