Emulsene F4 20 kg

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HYGIENFRESH® EMULSENE F4 is acomplete enzymatic detergent (protease, lipase, amylase and cellulase)


Complete enzymatic degreasing detergent for WET CLEANING.

Highly concentrated surfactants for a degreasing and emulsifier effect on stubborn stains

4 enzymes formula: Protease, Amylase, Lipase and Cellulase for a deep and wide range spotting

Lipase: innovative enzyme to eliminate fatty and greasy stains  (lipid)

Aggressive on dirt and delicate on colours and fibres

Anti-transfer polymer: to avoid accidental colour transfers

Last generation surfactants specific for WET CLEANING

Highly efficient to eliminate dirt on collars and cuffs without pre-brushing

How To Use:

Hygienfresh® Emulsene F4 detergent is used for both whites and colours and for any kind of garment (cotton, denim, resistant synthetics, etc.). Do not use on delicate garments and wool.

Technical Specifications:

· Chemical Composition (REG 648/2004) →15-30%: Non ionic surfactants; 5-15% Anionic surfactants; <5% Enzymes, Optical brighteners, Perfumes, limonene, citral, methylchloroisothiazolinone, methylisothiazolinone.

·   pH →  9 -10

·   Density at 20°C → 1,02- 1,10 g/cm3

·   VOC →  0,49%

·   Appearance transparent yellow liquid

·   Ingredients→ aqua, C13-15 pareth-7, tea-dcdecylienzene ulfcnate, iutcxydiglyccl, cccamide dea, cdium dcdecylienzene ulfcnate, mea-icrate, cdium citrate, citral,

limcnene, diethanclamine, dimethiccne, di cdium di tyryliiphenyl di ulfcnate, uitli in, teareth-21, trimethylhexyl acetate, α-amyla e, lipa e, cellula e,

methylchlcrci cthiazclincne, methyli cthiazclincne


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