Hygienfresh® Renova - Starching Agent

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Renova is a starching agent for curtains and shirts with multiple properties:


  • IT MAKES IRONING EASIER: Thanks to its starching properties, Renova disentangles the fibres and makes the fabrics easier to iron.
  • IT PREVENTS FABRICS FROM YELLOWING: The optical brighteners revitalise the colours and get white garments back to their original brilliance.
  • IT STIFFENS FABRICS: It restores them to a firm texture, to enhance their beauty to the utmost.
  • ANTI-ODOUR ACTION: HygienFresh anti-odour molecules shield fabrics protecting them from dust, smoke and other unpleasant odours.


You can use it on CURTAINS and SHIRTS… BUT NOT ONLY! It is also suitable to treat SCARVES, SOFA COVERS and HOUSEHOLD FABRICS in general.

Add the product in the softener compartment during the last rinse cycle. For the maximum effectiveness reduce the rotations of the final spin cycle (max 800 rpm)




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