Shirt Conditioner 10kg

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Sizing agents for shirts with starching effect and “Perfect Look” system.


“Perfect Look” effect: for a dressed shirt and with brilliant colours

Microcaps perfume: for a long lasting perfume which lasts months

Reduce wrinkles at the end of the wash and facilitates ironing

Light sizing without any heating treatment

After its use it is possible to iron with iron or with steam shirt finisher or mangle to obtain a super sizing.

Hygienfresh® Shirt Conditioner has to be used in the last rinse, with a limited water level and a low spin cycle (max 800 RPM)


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Hygienfresh® Piuma Care is the specific deodetergent for duvets, quilts and down jackets. The polymeric compounds prevent damage to the feathers and the combination of surfactants ensures a brilliant cleaning performance. The finishing compounds combine to give a delicate softness and fresh clean fragrance.


HYGIENFRESH® OXON is the safe and complete additive. It has several functions: Bleach, stain remover, hygieniser and pre-treatment. It is very efficient at removing difficult stains and thanks to its special formula it has the power to hygienise garments at 30°C.


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