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GH10 OPL is a high-spin washing machine, part of SmallPro line, developed to meet the requirements of the MSEs (micro and small businesses). It can ensure a professional treatment of laundry, without compromise. SmallPRO line, indeed, was created specifically to provide the right balance between professional results and small size, suitable for small spaces, proper of this type of companies.

The semi-professional washer GH6 is the ideal solution for anyone who needs professional quality, without having a considerable quantity of laundry to be treated: hair salons, wellness centers, sport clubs, campgrounds, pizzerias and restaurants, and small hotels. 

Professional solution for MSEs

The tower system GHD10 was developed to offer an effective solution for small and micro businesses, that need professional efficiency although they haven't much space available. The GHD10 SmallPRO washing machine + dryer is our winning solution able to ensure professional performance in a very limited space.

High speed centrifugal washer with WAVY control and standard MWS system! Wavy electronic control: a simple, modern and interactive interface. It allows to manage various levels of users access, which can be configured for example as follows:

• “Wash & go” user in various access configurations;

• Basic user;

• Intermediate user;

• Professional user;

• Technical user.

Tutustu otsonipesun etuihin koronaviruksen hätätilanteessa!

Otsoni - maakaasu ja yksi luonnon tärkeimmistä hapettimista - muuttuu puhtaaksi hapeksi joutuessaan kosketuksiin veden kanssa ja hajottaa orgaanista ainetta. Erityisesti virusten tapauksessa se vaikuttaa suoraan lipidikalvon päällysteeseen ja tekee niistä inaktiiviset.