Rasvanpoistaja X9 Degreaser

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Multifunctional detergent, degreaser for stubborn grease stains and make up products

High concentration of state-of-the-art surfactants and special solvents
Bi-enzymatic system to remove difficult stains
Efficient on difficult stains such as make up and waterproof beauty products
It can be used as an additive or in pre-spotter
Active against oil and grease stains


Method of use:
Pre-brush:Pour some ml onto the stain and leave to act for 10-20 sec. Then pre-brush and put the garment into the washing machine. Avoid nebulize it or use it with a spray gun because the product is flammable. It could generate flammable/explosive mixtures
Additive: Add 1-3 ml/Kg of X9 Degreaser to the detergent.
Detergent: Already active at 40 °C, for difficult stains wash at 60 °C :
Dosage in 5-15 ml of product per kg of dry garments


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